I stand up 

Why pain doesn’t 

Let me live alive

It kills me

Throws me back

Out of the way

And I survive

Pain on and on

Looking for a scene

Full of happiness

Triumph, money

Every element

Of high elation

Hunting up

New Motivation

I stand up


© Hemendra Dibaakor


Photo taken on 17.03.2018 at Jaipur (India)

Obstinate non ductile

Standing firm as mountain



© Hemendra Dibaakor


Don’t play me too hard

That I be broken into parts

You can see my scars

O, my dear Almighty

How cruel you are.


 © Hemendra Dibaakor 

Talk of the town

Poetry is booster

In your way 

To success

A friend

In the journey of

Ups and downs

The battle

To get the crown

Just your way

Own you own

Be the success

Talk of the town.


© Hemendra Dibaakor 

Think like a man, work like a ass, have a lion heart, look Leonine.

Good Spirit

I’m not in good Spirit

Dryasdust dream up

I don’t find anything

Quaint, apealing

I miss you a lot

O my beloved

You are my single thought

Perpetual eternal

I can’t stop thinking

My eyes blinking

the food never had before

Savory palatable

I can’t help me

Nor it’s my intention

I can’t ignore

Loveliness comeliness


© Hemendra Dibaakor


Success is a fight

Success is a race

Oppose the gravity

Keep up the pace

Success is a play

Success is a game

You are a monster

Know how to tame

Success is the music

Success is a rhyme

It’s a tough game

Play against time

Success is the mind

Success is a thought

Wanna write a story

Draw out a plot

Success is the life

Success is the breath

You need to dare

Bare your teeth

Success is a plan

Success is the action

Here awaits a beautiful scene

Write a nice caption. 🙂


© Hemendra Dibaakor