Do me a favor

Do me a favor

Bring the Almighty

To the earth

So I can clear

All my doubts

you can surmise

How intricate

This life is.

Copyright 2018 © Hemendra Dibaakor



The little monster at my home

The little monster

At my home

Fully engaged

Not caged

Want to fly 

To the sky

Grapple with anything

Shining and rising

Live the life 

To the full

Like a bull

Strong heart

Pure soul

Angel on moonwalk

Exploration with stroll

 Dedicated to cute adorable 


(The little monster at my home) 

© Hemendra Dibaakor 

I can’t see her in pain

I can’t see her in pain

I feel the same

As burning in the flame

I can see her eyes

Dreams in skies

She just tries and tries

Gravity drags her down

She never reach the crown

And she clown.


Copyright 2018 © Hemendra Dibaakor


Whenever I fall back
I see to the sky
You cut my wings
When I try to fly
I stand up to pain
To rise up and gain
A new lease to life
And you disdain
I stand up again
Maimed and insane
Live the dog’s life
Drain the main vein
Every time you cheat
Break my heart
Inspite of Obstacle
I impel my oxcart.

Copyright 2018 © Hemendra Dibaakor


Lost in the clouds

Losing my ground

How to jump through hoops

Overpass the mound.

Copyright 2018 © Dibaakor