Curse or Bliss

My life is at a loss

How weird is this

Questions and answer

Pain and relief

Everything is uncertain

If it is the Curse or bliss


© Hemendra Dibaakor



Like it

Like that

Spoil me

Beat me hard

You are Almighty

Destroy me

Play your favourite game

Enjoy your favourite tune

I loathe you super power

I will win you soon.


© Hemendra Dibaakor 

Born to shine

I fly
I have wings
I flow
Speed is my ethos
I transpose with discipline
As wind is dumfounded
You can’t shift your sight
I’m a star
Born to shine.


© Hemendra Dibaakor

Fool’s paradise

Prosperous victorious facile

Sense of seigniorage

Damn, Fool’s paradise.


© Hemendra Dibaakor

Give me the purpose

Give me the purpose

Intent of my life

What is the outcome

The crop to ripe

My destiny my place

My path My fate

My heart speaks up

With starry bate

Get me to things

Which matters most

All happens to good

Bring back this boast.


© Hemendra Dibaakor

High time

Slowing down your speed

Can harm you

You are being late

To reach up

To inner mandate

You need horse power

Flying along time

It’s time to go dude

It’s high time. 

© Hemendra Dibaakor 


I can’t decide 

what should I do 

I stops my brain 

Or it stops spontaneously

My mind turns 

The other side

I’m in fear

I’m in dilemma

I’m a wimp

Pigeon hearted


I stand in aghast.



© Hemendra Dibaakor