Time flies
The man goes on
He remains the same
But expect A change
It’s irony !

Time and tide
Wait for none
Rise and fall
Ya, Fall often
It’s irony !

The same Stone
The same mistake
He remains the same
But expect a change
It’s irony !

© Hemendra Dibaakor


Rise again

You say one thing
You do the other
You go back on words
Against the grain
No strain
No pain
Things never change
Hence no gain
You say one thing
You do the same
You stick to words
Not birdbrain
A fall again
Better to abstain
From heap of refuses
Just rise again.

( Choice is yours )

© Hemendra Dibaakor


Keep your weapons

Sharp, edgy swift

may be a pen or book.

Don’t be too kind, Rule your mind.

Good, better and the best.

Good, better and the best

I can ever see your creativity

Sawing out my heart.

( Inspired by Very talented happy days factory )

Game of Skeet

Thanks Google for gif🙏

Roaming around

The destination

Moving on my feet

Inadequacy of myself

And the game of skeet

I try so hard

I fail

I cry so hard

What’s the scale

To measure up

The road to success

Adequacy, timing

Is it aggress

On high time

With enough force

Kill this distraction

Come back to main course.

Rough and tough

Rough and tough is my way

And so I’m drastic obdurate

Diamond in the rough.

© Hemendra Dibaakor