Original view

Look at mirror
It reflects you
It depicts 
the real picture
The real you.
You can’t say
It’s a lie
You can’t ignore it
You need to see
The reality
Look at the mirror
Look the real you
Look as nobody can
Look the original view.


Traditional way to juice Sugarcane in Jaipur, Rajasthan

It needs a lot of hard work to make just a glass of sugarcane.. just worth ₹10 

Fly high

Strength is life

Weakness is death

Yogi found out

Real truth beneath

Life is to gain

Be strong by hour

Need to run so fast

Destination too far

You are an idler

Don’t dare to run

You live in the darkness

Can’t reach the sun

Spread your wings

See straight the sky

Renounce the indolency

If wanna fly high.


© Hemendra Dibaakor


Inspired by great thoughts of The great Indian Yogi – Swami Vivekanand and the sanskrit shloka…

|| अलब्धलाभो नालसस्य ||

 भावार्थ : आलसी को कुछ भी प्राप्त नहीं होता ।

Meaning: Idler can’t gain anything 

Just do, no excuse, no argue.


This ebullience

Will resurface the History

If remains ataltimes.


Wordless again 

If you run out of words
Take a loan
From your mom
Her swindle
Her canoodle
Wordless again

If you run out of words
Sit together
With your father
His meekness
His strictness
Wordless again

Can’t describe their love
And immolation
How to sing
Their invocation
Their glorification
Wordless again..


Thank you mom you gave me life and Thanks papa you made me strong to survive..


© Hemendra Dibaakor

Winner stands alone

Obstacle moves on
The man goes on
And he knows it
Winner stands alone

I born with saturn
No luck i can’t grow
He said
I ignored although

Hardwork pays
It Always
I can change
Night and days

Either very successful
Or loose Every coin
Hard to play
Still going

Obstacle moves on
The man goes on
And he knows it
Winner stands alone.