Distraction is the reason
Behind of all unsuccess
Distraction is the reason
Behind of impairment
Distraction is the reason
That stops you to reach the goal
Distraction is the reason
That puts you far from your soul
Distraction is the reason
Makes you move out of track
Distraction is the reason
To hide the talent in a sack
Distraction is the reason
What kills you in easy way
How to kill it
How to be persistent
How to be succeeder.
Still thinking..


16 thoughts on “Succeeder

  1. Some of the best memories and times of beauty in our lives are when we let ourselves get distracted in the moment. Isn’t that what living is all about? Hopefully a long string of beautiful moments…

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  2. Success looks differently to different people depending on their experiences and what they deem as more important in the grand scheme of things. Talent can be used in a variety of ways if you keep an open mind. Sometimes it isn’t about the end result but more about the journey getting there… wherever that may be.

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  3. To be in the moment and really be aware is hard work with all the distractions of the digital and the analogue world. I could relate to that. I always remind myself to do what I’m supposed to do in that moment and really do it. Physical activity helps me to focus, especially chores, things your hands and body do without having to think about it, so your mind is free to think.

    Thanks for all your likes. I feel blessed to have such loyal readers like you. I see your name popping up so often and I never even said “Thank you” So: Thank you very much! Love from Germany

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