Motu Patlu ki jodi (famous cartoon characters)
A Tree
A flower
And a fish

Little monster at my home

Unhappy and gloomy face

Failed to draw some character

Me too helpless in this case


So I  took the challenge

I tried my best

Draw some zigzag lines 

some faces and chest


Keen astute rolling eyesballs

And laughter everywhere

It’s a heavenly feeling

Other things I don’t care.


(Actually It is so hard to draw some character but thank God I succeed to draw a cute smile on her face.)



Clicked on 23rd june 2018 at Amer, Jaipur

Cannon can’t disserve

My heart, but you Shoot 

me with words.

Traditional way to juice Sugarcane in Jaipur, Rajasthan

It needs a lot of hard work to make just a glass of sugarcane.. just worth ₹10 

Street Art 

Life is art

Wandering in streets

I love street art.

( Photo taken on 31.03.2018 at Gandhinagar Railway station, Jaipur, India )


Photo taken on 17.03.2018 at Jaipur (India)

Obstinate non ductile

Standing firm as mountain



© Hemendra Dibaakor

Gandhi’s or not

Photo taken on 04.03.2018 in Rajasthan

Three Monkeys

Gandhi’s or not


triads In deep thought

If Indians Has forgotten

The message Of the old man

That make us learn

To keep distance

From badness.

Courtesy : Google


© Hemendra Dibaakor