Motu Patlu ki jodi (famous cartoon characters)
A Tree
A flower
And a fish

Little monster at my home

Unhappy and gloomy face

Failed to draw some character

Me too helpless in this case


So I  took the challenge

I tried my best

Draw some zigzag lines 

some faces and chest


Keen astute rolling eyesballs

And laughter everywhere

It’s a heavenly feeling

Other things I don’t care.


(Actually It is so hard to draw some character but thank God I succeed to draw a cute smile on her face.)



Once in downpour I saw a seductive cutie

Seren crystalline adorable beauty

When ever she smiles

Impenetrate several miles

Perfect gods contexture extolling my duty.


© Hemendra Dibaakor

I wince 

A stab of pain in my head

Twinges of Failure

You Traumatize everytime

I wince

You Extort my pride

Unless I blubber

You entice everytime

I wince

I run over in Lunacy

Game changing blooper

You hypnotize everytime

I wince

This is infinite

You play cold hearted

I wince

Sick of incessent pain

I wince

I flinch



Traditional way to juice Sugarcane in Jaipur, Rajasthan

It needs a lot of hard work to make just a glass of sugarcane.. just worth ₹10 

Turn back

Turn back

To see what

You have done

The wrong

In past days

Our present is

The reflections

Of our bygone

Outcomes of deeds

Or lack of speed

What causes failure

Open up screed.

© Hemendra Dibaakor

Good, better and the best.

Good, better and the best

I can ever see your creativity

Sawing out my heart.

( Inspired by Very talented happy days factory )

Street Art 

Life is art

Wandering in streets

I love street art.

( Photo taken on 31.03.2018 at Gandhinagar Railway station, Jaipur, India )