Exorbitant quandary

Mind swings in shilly-shally

Gruesome tide.


Original view

Look at mirror
It reflects you
It depicts 
the real picture
The real you.
You can’t say
It’s a lie
You can’t ignore it
You need to see
The reality
Look at the mirror
Look the real you
Look as nobody can
Look the original view.

Curse or Bliss

My life is at a loss

How weird is this

Questions and answer

Pain and relief

Everything is uncertain

If it is the Curse or bliss


© Hemendra Dibaakor


I can’t decide 

what should I do 

I stops my brain 

Or it stops spontaneously

My mind turns 

The other side

I’m in fear

I’m in dilemma

I’m a wimp

Pigeon hearted


I stand in aghast.



© Hemendra Dibaakor