Motu Patlu ki jodi (famous cartoon characters)
A Tree
A flower
And a fish

Little monster at my home

Unhappy and gloomy face

Failed to draw some character

Me too helpless in this case


So I  took the challenge

I tried my best

Draw some zigzag lines 

some faces and chest


Keen astute rolling eyesballs

And laughter everywhere

It’s a heavenly feeling

Other things I don’t care.


(Actually It is so hard to draw some character but thank God I succeed to draw a cute smile on her face.)



Delinquency Of my eyes
At its height
Remain uncover
Don’t turn off the light.

Psychotropic eyes
Rose red lips
Long black hair
Wrapped around
Lean neck
Little nose ring
As you own a star
Intoxicating beauty

I love you right
I wanna hug you tight
I wanna be inside of you
Intent to dominate too
Yearning to pry eclat
Make love whole night
Hope we both win
In the abed fight.


© Hemendra Dibaakor


Once in downpour I saw a seductive cutie

Seren crystalline adorable beauty

When ever she smiles

Impenetrate several miles

Perfect gods contexture extolling my duty.


© Hemendra Dibaakor

I wince 

A stab of pain in my head

Twinges of Failure

You Traumatize everytime

I wince

You Extort my pride

Unless I blubber

You entice everytime

I wince

I run over in Lunacy

Game changing blooper

You hypnotize everytime

I wince

This is infinite

You play cold hearted

I wince

Sick of incessent pain

I wince

I flinch



Good Spirit

I’m not in good Spirit

Dryasdust dream up

I don’t find anything

Quaint, apealing

I miss you a lot

O my beloved

You are my single thought

Perpetual eternal

I can’t stop thinking

My eyes blinking

the food never had before

Savory palatable

I can’t help me

Nor it’s my intention

I can’t ignore

Loveliness comeliness


© Hemendra Dibaakor

The little monster at my home

The little monster

At my home

Fully engaged

Not caged

Want to fly 

To the sky

Grapple with anything

Shining and rising

Live the life 

To the full

Like a bull

Strong heart

Pure soul

Angel on moonwalk

Exploration with stroll

 Dedicated to cute adorable 


(The little monster at my home) 

© Hemendra Dibaakor 

I can’t see her in pain

I can’t see her in pain

I feel the same

As burning in the flame

I can see her eyes

Dreams in skies

She just tries and tries

Gravity drags her down

She never reach the crown

And she clown.


Copyright 2018 © Hemendra Dibaakor