In search of good time, we spend precious time. It’s irony..


Know your limits and Cross them.


Know the reason of fiasco

Can you see the mirror

Can you count your mistakes

Can you truly say the reason

Can you question to yourself


Good thoughts make a good man

Although it falls again and again

But real man never cry

All it do just give it a try

One right direction

Oaky steady pace

And a strong mind

Man wins the race.

© Hemendra Dibaakor

Habits are the maker of your destiny & you are the maker of Habits.


Distraction is the reason
Behind of all unsuccess
Distraction is the reason
Behind of impairment
Distraction is the reason
That stops you to reach the goal
Distraction is the reason
That puts you far from your soul
Distraction is the reason
Makes you move out of track
Distraction is the reason
To hide the talent in a sack
Distraction is the reason
What kills you in easy way
How to kill it
How to be persistent
How to be succeeder.
Still thinking..

Game of Skeet

Thanks Google for gif🙏

Roaming around

The destination

Moving on my feet

Inadequacy of myself

And the game of skeet

I try so hard

I fail

I cry so hard

What’s the scale

To measure up

The road to success

Adequacy, timing

Is it aggress

On high time

With enough force

Kill this distraction

Come back to main course.